In 2017, Cure CF pledged $300,000 to the Kentuckiana Cystic Fibrosis & Respiratory Center at Norton Children’s Hospital. Working with the Norton Children’s Hospital Foundation, we’ve now contributed $110,000 of our $300,000 pledge to the center, thanks to your donations to Cure CF in 2017. The Norton Children’s Hospital Foundation has secured additional funds for this center, with an end goal of raising $5,000,000, which will significantly improve care for children in Kentuckiana battling CF. Since establishing our partnership in the summer of 2017, Norton has been able to designate their research status in the field, and there are now four active cystic fibrosis clinical trials ongoing with one additional trial in the works! We hope to continue to support this local initiative and our local families in their fight.


Start making a difference and help these children see more tomorrows.