Samuel’s life can be characterized by one word so far. Surprise!

After 2 failed attempts at IVF and countless tears and prayers, we finally heard the words we had been waiting over a year to hear “Congratulations, you are pregnant!” And so that was the start of our miracle baby.

Pre-natal screening identified that mom was a CF carrier but follow up testing on Dad for the 30 most common mutations revealed he was not a carrier. Samuel was born on December 1, 2014, at 3:38 in the morning. He was perfect, weighing in at the generous size of 9 lb 2 oz and went home from the hospital 2 days later. One week after being home, we got a call saying that Samuel’s newborn screen came up positive and he may have cystic fibrosis. He had a follow-up sweat test and then on December 19th around 4 pm we got the call.

We researched, started medications, found doctors and sought out specialists. We hope that with our continued efforts, he will remain healthy.

Team Samuel Strong has raised over $100,000 to help find a cure for Samuel and everyone else affected by this disease.


Start making a difference and help these children see more tomorrows.