When Cameron was five weeks old, he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. Cameron was born 11/08/06, runs cross country, and does everything that any other teenager would do. No one would know the rigorous amount of the treatments he undertakes every day at home.

In third grade Cameron’s medical team determined that placing a G-Tube was necessary to help Cameron thrive. Cameron’s daily regimen starts around five in the morning. When his feeding tube is finished, he has to do 35 minutes of a percussive vest that has the whole house shaking by the end of the treatment.

He has to wear a nebulizer mask that is a mist full of salt, and right after that, he has to do another one, and then right after that, another one. And yet, he acts just like a normal kid when has to do all these treatments.

Cameron talks about finding a cure for CF all the time. He’ll say, “When we find a cure for CF, I won’t have to wear this vest all the time,” to which Cameron’s dad responds, “Yep, hopefully one day, Cameron.”


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