Allan Baker

We are meeting some neighbors to the north today! Let’s meet Allan Baker from Indiana! He is 16 months old and his story is told through his mom, Cally. Their family consists of 6 members; Jeremy (dad), Cally (mom), two sisters, James, age 9, and Isabella, age 6, and step-brother, Cameron, age 14. The family loves to be outdoors and spend time together. Allen’s favorite things to do right now is go on walks (we can all relate), play outside, and I love to play with anyone’s phone!

When Allan was born he had issues with heavy breathing. He also wouldn’t drink moms milk and was sent to the NICU to get evaluated. At first they thought it was just fluid from the placenta, but eventually the newborn screening came back and we found out it was CF related.

Allan’s routine is pretty similar to others with CF. He gets up and takes his first enzyme. His favorite method of taking enzymes is with some yogurt or applesauce before breakfast. Then he drinks Pediasure to help gain weight at every meal. Those with CF have a hard time gaining weight and getting nutrients from food so they have to take enzymes and supplements. They also need to consume twice the calories that a person without CF needs. He also takes vitamins, and has extra salt added to meals.

Allan recently had his first hospital stay and was sent home with a Nebulizer. He takes Pulmozyme and a saline solution. He also does chest “claps” to help clear the mucus. This is also called CPT. A person gets into a position that helps with mucus drainage and a cupped hand ‘claps’ on a person’s back to help loosen mucus.

“While CF is known as a life threatening illness, we still live our lives. We lead pretty normal ones. It’s hard to hear about the diagnosis at first, but over time, you realize how strong the community is, and how supportive! We have gained a whole new family from our CF community and feel blessed to know such incredible people.”

Allan’s parents know he will lead an incredible life, no matter what happens, and they are excited to see where he goes!

CLICK HERE to donate and help find a cure for Allan and hope for his beautiful family!