Talk about adventure! Our next spotlight is with Elena who has been traveling the country with her family! Keep reading to follow her journey with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and her life!

Elena is a 16 year old with CF. However she doesn’t let CF define her, she’s passionate about music and filmmaking. She hopes to have a career in film one day and in the meantime she is writing music! Check it out below! You can also search her name “Elena Goodrow” on streaming services. 

Elena and her family of six are currently traveling around the country in an RV! Check out her family’s adventures HERE.

She was diagnosed with CF shortly after she was born. She was only two weeks old. Elena had meconium ileus (a blockage in her intestines) and that was the first clue that she had CF. During her first 3 months in the hospital her kidneys and lungs failed and her health got worse before it finally started getting better. Now, Elena’s lung function is in a good place and  is doing pretty well. She takes over 40 pills everyday and does 2 breathing treatments that consist of using a monarch vest, a nebulizer, and a couple inhalers. 

She is also taking Trikafta right now and it seems to be working out well for her. The things she currently struggles with the most is shortness of breath. I am almost always struggling to breathe and taking deep breaths is often uncomfortable.

When talking about how fundraising for CF, Elena said,

“Fundraising is so important for the CF community, it is important to have hope but simply having hope isn’t enough. Work and effort must be put into finding a cure, take action! Fundraising can look like a lot of different things, for example, I host a benefit concert called Salt Fest. It features teenage musicians local to the state of Georgia and 100% of the proceeds go towards Miles for Cystic Fibrosis. “

People like Elena are making this world a better place. She may only be 16 but the future is so bright. Let’s find a cure and insure that she lives a long and healthy life full of singing and creating films! Donate HERE for a cure.

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