Today we are meeting Jodi or Jo for short. She’s 18, from England, Uk and has cystic fibrosis. Jo was diagnosed with CF after a heel prick at one day old. She was tested after having a bowel operation from being born with a swollen stomach.

She has always been encouraged to play sports and stay active. In high school Jo played on every sports team there was! She enjoys playing netball the most, and she plays competitively.

Managing CF can be really challenging for Jo and from time to time makes her feel different. 

“I question ‘why me?’ but I know I was given Cf because I’m strong enough to fight it.”

She takes a series of medications like salt tablets (those with CF need at least twice as much salt as most people), vitamins, antibiotics and digestive enzymes to help replenish the insufficiency lost in her pancreas, liver, skin etc. Jo also takes inhalers and various nebulizers to help thin the mucus to clear her lungs daily.

“I feel fortunate that CF is an invisible medical condition, I feel like everyone else most of the time. But I think people who don’t have CF won’t know exactly what it’s like to have it and the struggles we face and the pain we sometimes put up with but never show.”

Due to the outstanding fundraising Jo recently started Symkevi. Which is now available in the United Kingdom. Research into CF allows for incredible medication like this and gives those fighting for their life, another chance. Jo raises awareness of CF through Instagram and her YouTube channel. She shares her experience with CF and helps support others who are in a similar situation. 

At the end of the day Jo didn’t ask for CF but she fights strong so she can live everyday like everyone else!

Check out Jo’s day in the life at the hospital!

Jodi’s Youtube Page – CLICK HERE

Jodi’s Instagram- CLICK HERE