Today we meet Miles and James Siddoway! They are two year old twins! This dynamic duo lives in Sierra Vista Arizona currently but they’re a military family and move around quite a bit.

These boys may be young but they are on the run! Miles favorite thing is to jump on the trampoline and James likes to play pretend chef. Siddoway family is a family of 6, mom, dad, a sister that is eight, a sister that is six, and then the twin boys! As a family they love to hike and explore together. They also love Friday movie nights and baking together (YUM).  

Miles and James were diagnosed at 3 weeks old through their newborn screening. Mom and Dad knew they were carriers and they suspected there was a problem but nothing on ultrasounds had an indication of CF. When two people are carriers of the CF gene it is a 1 and 4 chance that the child will be born with CF. Most people don’t know if they are carriers unless they have gone through genetic testing. After the twins were born James spent 10 days in the NICU due to failure to thrive which was their first indication of Cystic Fibrosis.

James and Miles’ mom hope that sharing their story will learn more about CF. She said,

“I hope that they can learn enough to understand the fear we feel with sickness and germs. To understand why we don’t play in mud or go to parties where someone may be sick. I want people to know that just because a child looks healthy and everything seems great doesn’t mean they aren’t sick. We still have to take precautions. We still spend hours and hours a day to keep them that way.” 

People with CF often look “normal” or “healthy” on the outside but struggle with difficult symptoms on the inside. That is why those with CF have to be extra careful because something as simple as the common cold can put them in the hospital for weeks or even months.

James and Miles may be young but they have a hard battle ahead. However with donations we can contribute to new drug studies and research to find a cure. We want these boys to live their lives to the fullest and our mission is to fight for a cure everyday. Let’s give Miles and James some love and encouragement in the comments below!

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